January 28, 2011

New Year, New Baby

Following in the footsteps of KT's pregnancy, this pregnancy threw us a fair amount of curve balls:
  • hyperemesis,
  • almost 26 weeks of life with a PICC-line,
  • vomiting until the morning I delivered,
  • breech baby,
  • external cephalic version which was successful for about 2 hours,
  • breech baby again,
  • baby measuring large,
  • too much amniotic fluid,
  • flirtations with pre-eclampsia.
 Shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve my water broke and another beautiful baby girl made her entrance into this world (just after midnight) via emergency c-section.

Life with two kids is chaotic, stressful, exhausting and so very full of love and laughter.  It's also been full of more medical "happenings" but that will come at another time...