November 18, 2006

New(er) Pics

All bundled up and getting ready to come home from the hospital.

Hanging out with mom after nursing.

Introducing the "boys" to Kathryn.

Chillin' in the swing.

Dad had too much time on his hands...

November 16, 2006

We're Home

We were sprung from the joint on Tuesday and are settling in well here at home. Kathryn is a very mellow baby and only fusses when she's hungry or needs to be changed. Nursing is going well, although it can be very frustrating and challenging at times. But we're getting the hang of it and learning more about one another every day.

I've learned two things this week. The first being that bringing a new baby into the world allows your heart to expand infinitely. I never knew it was possible to love C and our daughter so incredibly much. The second is that your body continues to plug on even when pushed to its limits. Exhaustion has taken on a whole new meaning. There have been times the past two days where I've fallen asleep while sitting on the couch eating.

We've got a ton of pictures that need to be pulled off the computer and posted. I'll try to do that sometime today between the napping and gazing lovingly at my family.

November 12, 2006


November 11, 2006

The Big Update

Ok, it's official. Little Baby S has made HER way into the world. She arrived this afternoon weighing in at 8 pounds 10 ounces, is 19 1/2 inches and IS A GIRL!!!!!!! So, all of us who were thinking boy were a little off. Sounds like Mommy did great, but is beyond exhausted. Daddy sounds happy and proud. I even got to hear a few sounds from the newest member of the family, I do believe the beautiful chosen name is still Kathryn Elizabeth. Congrats Mommy & Daddy!!!!!!!!

Update #2

Hello again. I heard from Cris and wanted to give another quick update. Mandy had some great progress yesterday but it sounds like last night and this morning were no walk in the park. She regressed from 4cm back to 2cm and had to start Pitocin. She soldiered through it until this afternoon when she had an Epidural. I heard from them about a half an hour ago saying that the babies heart was a little erratic and the doctors thought it best to do an C-section. It is not an emergency section, but it sounds like everything is moving quite fast.

Hopefully we will be getting some wonderful news soon!

November 10, 2006

Update #1

Hello All, this is Amanda's friend Kristen. I spoke with her a little while ago and have a quick update. She went to the hospital around 4:30 and they found that she was about 2 cm dilated. A little before 9:00 she was already 4cm dilated. She sounded comfortable and said that the contractions were no worse than bad menstrual cramps. She and C had done a little walking around to try to speed things along, which seems to be working. They are hoping to avoid having to use Pitocin. I will update as soon as I get any more information.

Baby is coming!

My water broke about 2:30 this afternoon, totally surprising the crap out of both C and I. I am now at the hospital and here for the duration. Contractions are 4-5minutes apart but I'm only dilated a couple of centimeters.

I'm guessing we'll have a baby by Sunday morning at the latest!

With a wireless connection here at the hospital, either C or I will post updates when we can!

November 8, 2006

Slight Change

I've had a couple of people comment to me (either through phone calls or e-mails) that they noticed that Kristen of Expecting a Baby...Someday has been added as a contributor to this blog. This was done in case Butterball makes his/her arrival and I need someone to post an update for me. My plan is to take my laptop with us to the hospital but C thinks that I won't want to take it out of its case. Seriously, what is he thinking?? But if something was to come up quickly, I wanted a fellow Blogger to have access to keep everyone else informed.

It wasn't a matter of choosing favorites. Kristen is just the easiest to get ahold of because of her job and lack of children. However, after this week's turn of events, I might not ever be able to rouse her from a slumber. It's hard work when your body is taking care of that many babies!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, take a quick swing by her blog and wish her congrats. They're experiencing triple the excitement right now!

November 1, 2006

Bottom's Up!

The baby flipped for us at the version today! Yay!

I'm tired and sore but wanted everyone to know. I'll post more soon.