August 26, 2010

The Numbers

20  -- Point at which I am in this pregnancy, in terms of weeks along.

12  -- Time I've had a PICC-line stuck in my inner-left bicep, in weeks.

116  -- Number of times I've jabbed myself in the abdomen with a heparin shot.

7 --  OB office visits I've had in the last 12 weeks.

5  --  Ultrasounds I've had done so far to check baby's growth.

14  --  Weight of baby at yesterday's ultrasound, in ounces.

1/11/11  --  Official due date.

August 12, 2010

When the Boss is Away

Apparently the dogs will play.  

And act up.  Performing WWF (or is it WWE now??) moves on my living room rug just minutes after KT goes to bed.  Refusing to sleep on their designated beds at night and attempt time and time again to coyly find a spot on the mattress next to me.  Barking at 5:15am to go outside and harass whatever wild thing has dared to moved in the field behind our house. 

Did I mention act up?  What is it with the whining and barking?  I've done nothing different in our day to day routine.  If anything they've gotten more attention but they act like little monsters.  Every time I turn around Logan is whining to come in the house, whining to go back out, whining as he lies next to me on the couch, whining for another serving of food even though he just wolfed down his own and half of Dakota's.

If anyone is awake at 5:15 tonight/tomorrow morning they will spend the rest of the resting hours outside, shivering on the concrete patio as the temps hover in the low 50's. 

Yeah, right.  Who am I kidding?  After about 5 minutes of standing outside in the dark they'd both be barking and pawing at the already busted sliding glass door to come in.  As mean as I might try to be, I won't subject my neighbors to the hooligans before the sun rises.

Instead I'll let them back in.  Shoving my feet into their kidneys when they try to lay on my bed and cursing at them much like the ants found scurrying across my kitchen floor this afternoon.

August 4, 2010

Have Sourdough, Will Bake

Or rather, "need" to bake.

The sourdough starter got stuck in the fridge some time ago.  For the life of me I can't remember if it was before we went camping (??) or before our quick trip to Michigan (??).  Either way it's been way too long since its presence has graced our kitchen counter.

I pulled it back out last night, fed the yeasties and gave it a nice warm, comfy spot in the kitchen to bubble away.  It needs to be nurtured for a couple of days but then I bake.

I'm thinking at a minimum we need a batch of sourdough pizza crust and some donuts.  Some of the trusty "standbys" that have already come to be loved.  This time though I feel the need for some adventure...any suggestions on new recipes to try?