February 28, 2012

Is It Over?

This month has been one thing after the other.

  • The third bladder infection in three months. Possible concern regarding kidney problems.
  • The gas gauge in my 4Runner intermittently works.
  • My cell phone doesn't always send/receive text messages.  Apparently on it's own schedule.
  • It also randomly loses email messages and/or deletes entire email accounts.
  • I slipped and fell on a patch of ice, screwing up my back and ripping my go-to pair of jeans.
  • The drain pipe for the washer broke on a Friday night, resulting in a flooded mechanical room and adjacent closet AND a Saturday service call for a plumber.
  • Within hours of the plumber leaving, our furnace quit working.  Resulting in another Saturday service call and a new circuit board.
  • While sequestered in the bedroom to avoid annoying the service guys, one dog chewed the corner off my 20 year old afghan.  Then puked for 3 days while C was out of town. 
  • The carpet cleaning machine spewed dirty puke water all over my bathroom floor. 
  • Both kids were sick.
  • C was sick.
  • Our babysitter bailed for our anniversary dinner, leaving me scrambling to find a new sitter.
  • A factory reset of my phone wiped out business mileage I'd been tracking. That I was too exhausted to remember to back up before the reset. 
  • A 60+mph wind storm blew shingles off the roof.
  • The other dog cut his tongue and proceeded to lick himself bloody for hours on end. 
  • The garbage disposal started making funny noises.
  • My sewing machine randomly locks up and has to be completely shut down to get it to restart. 
  • The kitchen aid mixer makes a metal-on-metal grinding noise when used and gets really hot to the touch.
  • Seventeen days after the first service call, the furnace guy was back again. This time a bad thermostat, hopefully. Which could have been the reason for the bad board before (the ailing thermostat shorting the board).

I hope the door doesn't hit February on the ass, on its way out.  My luck I'd have to replace the stupid door.