November 8, 2006

Slight Change

I've had a couple of people comment to me (either through phone calls or e-mails) that they noticed that Kristen of Expecting a Baby...Someday has been added as a contributor to this blog. This was done in case Butterball makes his/her arrival and I need someone to post an update for me. My plan is to take my laptop with us to the hospital but C thinks that I won't want to take it out of its case. Seriously, what is he thinking?? But if something was to come up quickly, I wanted a fellow Blogger to have access to keep everyone else informed.

It wasn't a matter of choosing favorites. Kristen is just the easiest to get ahold of because of her job and lack of children. However, after this week's turn of events, I might not ever be able to rouse her from a slumber. It's hard work when your body is taking care of that many babies!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, take a quick swing by her blog and wish her congrats. They're experiencing triple the excitement right now!


Beth said...

Anxiously checking in on you daily to see what's up. How are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

I'm with C on this one. I took things with me to the hospital thinking they would keep my mind off of everything, and never ended up touching any of it. (Plus, you have to worry about it if you leave your room for anything) Glad to hear you're still plugging along...was beginning to wonder. Hope you're feeling a little better. Only a few more days!

Mandy said...

Unfortunately, because of work commitments I almost need to take my laptop with me. I only have a week's worth of time off right now so I need to stretch it as far as possible.

Kristen said...

Thanks M! I hope that I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. I was probably the obvious choice since I have no life and Blog every single day. I think that most of your other friends have more of a life than me. :>)

I promise that I will give as many updates as you need given.