February 8, 2007

Barely There

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus. Life has been so nutso the past couple of weeks. C made it home, safe and sound, from China. He was a little worse for wear after a 28-hr trip back to the US and he managed to bring home some uninvited Chinese germs. Both he and KT have been dealing with some major gunk lately. All snotty and coughing. And did I mention cranky?? Because, oh my goodness. I'm not sure what's worse--a 3 month old infant not feeling well or a 30 year old male not feeling well!

I'm eyeball deep in a $350,000 grant application that NEEDS to be turned in on Monday to the University. Wouldn't be bad but I don't even have a rough draft of the project narrative done. That was my goal for last night but it flopped after I received word that the budget that had taken me about 15 hours to prepare needed to be done AGAIN because it wasn't in the correct format for departmental review. I'm 11 pages containing 4500 words and 4 figures into it, with a fair chunk left to compose. After 3 nights of a combined sleep total of 10 hours, I'm beginning to drag. Hopefully I can get the project narrative hammered out by the time my head hits the pillow tonight/tomorrow morning.

When the dust settles I promise to get a little more regular with my postings again.


Jessica said...

Keep yourself healthy girl! The last thing you need is to be getting sick on top of this....hope C and Miss Kathryn gets better soon. Unfortunately, the gunk made it's way to our house again....

Nickie said...

eeek! a 30yr old man is far worse! Trust me, my 32yr old DH just had the flu and it was sad really.

Do not worry about us, we'll miss you but that grant stuff is waaaay more important right now.