July 8, 2007

Style Help Needed!

Okay, all my fashion forward friends, I'm recruiting your help! I need some fashion advice and who better to turn to than my wonderful internet buddies. (Granted, quite a handful of you actually know me in real life too. That's partially why I'm sending this plea out because you know my personality, body type, sense of style, etc.)

This is going to be a long post, so strap in and hold on.

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My "baby" sister, A (in the green in the picture above) -- who also goes by Stinky -- is getting married in September. Stinky can be quite opinionated (it's not a bad thing) about people and their fashion choices. Which is probably why both of us get along so well. Neither one of us has a terrible lot of money to spend on clothes but we always try to look our best. We pick pieces that are flattering and appropriate for the situation. So I want to look my best at her wedding. As vain as it sounds, I have to redeem myself for being huge and pregnant at my other sister's wedding last summer.

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This is my dilemma. Shopping here in Idaho Falls is very limited. The mall is one of the least diverse that I have seen. What stores we do have very limited selection as well. Many of you whom have been around since last summer remember how hard it was for me to find something for Stretch's wedding that I was happy with.

I bought a dress last night while KT and I were at the mall. I LOVE the dress. I'm just not sure if it's dressy enough for Stinky's wedding. THIS IS WHERE I NEED OPINIONS!

To preface this next part, let me give some details about Stinky's wedding. My main goal is to find something for me that will coordinate with the rest of the bridal party, then match C and KT to my outfit. That way we don't clash in wedding pictures. Stinky's bridesmaids will have on dresses that are a cinnamon/nutmeg (dark orangish-brownish) color. So my intent was to find something in dark brown so that it would go well with the bridesmaids. There are a couple of main criteria that I want the dress to fit: an empire waist, an a-line skirt that falls about knee length, and halter or spaghetti straps (so that I can try to nurse in it if need be). I also would like it to be slightly more dressy than what I'd wear if I was going to a friend's wedding since I'm sister of the bride.

I've had my eye on a dress online but was hesitant to spend the money they want for it. Plus I hate to order anything online without being able to try it on. My body is so weird to fit that it's hit or miss with online shopping. This is the dress that I like. It's solid brown like I want, fits all the criteria that I'm looking for and is dressy.

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Here's some pictures of the dress I bought yesterday. Sorry they're not the best quality. I couldn't get good shots without the flash on. It does meet the criteria I wanted style-wise and as an added benefit it makes my chest look huge and my waist look tiny! It's not solid brown which is what makes me think it's not dressy enough. I originally thought it was brown and beige but it's actually dark brown with light tan.

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These are the shoes that I ordered to go with the dress. If I did decide to go with the solid dress, I don't think these would be dressy enough to go with it. So I'd have to find something new.

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Now that I've laid it all out. What do you think? Here are your options:
  1. Buy the solid brown, expensive dress and order new shoes.
  2. Wear the brown/tan floral dress with the shoes above.
  3. Do both! Wear the solid one to the wedding, the floral one to the rehearsal.

For what's it worth...here's the dress I'm thinking about getting for KT. Not sure if that helps sway your opinion one way or another.

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Stinky ;) said...

Wow! That's a tuffy. You look beautiful in the dress, but I will have to say I like the other solid brown one a little more b/c it seems a touch dressier (is that a word?). I don't want you to spend a lot of money either so let's see what other people have to say ;)
Love ya!

Stephanie, Taylor and Kaitlyn said...

I really liked the brown dress, it seemed to be a little bit dressier. I also liked the one you bought, I think it would be a great idea to use it for the rehearsal and the other one for the wedding. Oh and I loved the shoes and KT's dress...way cute!! Good luck with the decision making.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

I like your idea. Tho looking at the two dresses, I actually think the solid one would fit your body better. It's slimmer in the waist, and would draw attention upwards (yay, nursing-induced cleavage!!!) :D

I'd definitely order the solid brown dress - at the very worst, it won't fit right and you'll wear the two-toned one (which is very cute, BTW) to the wedding. I feel your pain on ordering anything online... Check out my new fave site to shop: smartbargains.com. I've gotten a few really cute and well-fitting dresses there lately at steals.

You'll be a hot mamma no matter what. ;)

Marz said...

I like KT's dress, it's very nice.
Now onto your dress & I know this isn't one of your choices but here is my opinion. I like the dress you bought & you seem to like it too, however, you don't think it's dressy enough because of the pattern so I say die it! Die it dark brown & therefore you will have everything you need in the dress you bought.

Anonymous said...

You will both look beautiful, no matter what dress you decide to wear, and KT's dress is adorable! (and you will be the stunning Bride Ash!)
The dress you bought looks good on you Amanda, but do have to agree that the solid looks dressier.
Your choice dear. Love you.

Nicole said...

I agree to go with the solid dress. I disagree with you about the print dress, because the waist is a little more empire than you would probably like. If you want to really make your waist look skinny, then go with the first. The printed dress I feel slightly overemphasizes your tummy, as empire style dresses are wont to do. Plus, the waist accent sort of flips up in the picture which lends the illusion that your tummy is forcing it to flip up. I'd also choose a different shoe - the one you show is a little too "clompy" for... well... anything. Not sure what your budget is, but I recommend something like this. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/28049735/c/48369.html If you give me your price range I can find you something in a jiffy. Also, Zappos ships free overnight. I do think you have great legs and a great figure, and are so cute. You're going to look awesome.

Also, posted a response to your question. If you can save some money, come on down to SLC and we'll go shopping.