August 31, 2007

Totally Unexpected!

I just got a very, very surprising phone call from D -- husband to Sami over at A Cop, A Nurse, 3 Dogs, and Maybe Baby !!

Sami's water broke at work last night and with baby Sam still breech, he was born via c-section about 11 am EST this morning. Mom and baby are doing well all things considered. Sounds like everyone (especially Dad) is slightly in shock still.


Jessica said...

Wow! That was definitely surprising! Was she due yet?

Congrats to them...What a great surprise!

DinosaurD said...

Thanks so much Mandy for telling me the news. I'm actually a little teary eyed right now but in a really good way. Go Sami!!!!

Kristen said...

I just saw that on her blog, I am so thrilled for her!!!!!!

*me said...

Mandy -

I know you lurk and read my blog from time to time - wanted to let you know it's moved.

New location is:

Hope to see you there sooner or later. ;)

M. (Lorem's friend)