January 31, 2008

Christmas Craziness

This post was started yesterday and it will have to be finished within the next couple of days. I'm dealing with what I consider to be a major "issue" right now, even though C tries to tell me it's not my fault and it's "out of [my] hands".


I figured that since today is the last day of January, I really should make an attempt to revisit and give details about our Christmas trip before the calendar turns to a new month.

I'm not even quite sure where to start but I'll give it the 'ole college try and start at the beginning...

We were to set sail on our adventure at 4:30am, Sunday, December 16th. About 6pm the night before KT started coughing. I knew it wasn't a good omen. But we woke her up at 4am anyways and strapped her into the carseat. She coughed and whimpered her way across Idaho, Wyoming and a good chunk of Nebraska that day. By the time we reached the Wyoming/Nebraska border on Sunday afternoon she was barking like a seal in the backseat. We kept her dosed with Tylenol and gave her as much water to drink as we could. Our original intent was to give ourselves 3 days to make the drive to Michigan, but we decided she needed to be seen by a doctor and changed our plans to do the drive in two. I didn't want to spend hours in an emergency room somewhere in Iowa (no offense to Iowa); I thought it would be better to push on to Michigan and get her seen somewhere close to my in-laws. Mainly in case we needed a follow up visit or anything else.

Even with being so sick, KT rode like a trooper. We logged almost 1000 miles and 19 hours on Sunday before stopping for the night in Lincoln, Nebraska. Monday we pushed through almost 700 miles in 14 hours before reaching C's mom and dad's. The last time we drove this trip we drove it straight through in about 26 hours. We learned quickly that having a toddler tag along for the ride adds considerable time on to a trip (close to 7 hours). Mainly because pit stops take much longer than before. But anyways.

An afternoon's worth of adventures in a local clinic and the nearby hospital (which at this point I'm incredibly grateful we were still on my health insurance as B!ue Cross is taken everywhere and not considered out of network) for an RSV swab and a chest x-ray gave us the diagnosis: bronchitis, bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Thankfully no RSV and no pneumonia. A heavy duty round of antibiotics and some prescription cough medicine brought much needed relief within a few days.

The biggest disappointment to KT being sick is that it canceled some important visits I had planned. Two of my closest friends, Sami and Bean both gave birth to little boys last fall and I was sooooooo looking forward to seeing the new additions (and them too of course!). With KT being so sick, C and I were warned that we would most likely both come down with at least colds. There was no way I was going anywhere near little ones with that possibility.


Anonymous said...

I hope the "major" issue gets cleared up and doesn't cause anymore stress!
Wish I was there to help. ((hugs))


Stinky said...

where's the rest of the story...?

c'mon Paul Harvey! ;)