March 25, 2010

My Secret Life

If you can't tell by what's written here, I usually have half a dozen projects going on at any given time.  Often times they don't get finished and get tucked away in a box/bin/corner somewhere (I'm really trying to work on that) but I love seeing things come to fruition.  I love creating stuff with my hands and see it transform before my eyes.

One of my problems is that I have many hobbies including sewing, quilting and scrapbooking (as well as baking bread, gardening...).  I flit from one project to another as time warrants -- making quilts for new babies, sewing gifts for birthdays, scrapbooking 10 years of our life together.  It is a stress relief for me; it makes me happy to work on projects.  The thing is though, that when I start on something, I immerse myself in it completely at first.  All of my free waking time is spent laboring over the newest obsession.

This results in a dirty house, an inbox full of messages that need replies and seclusion from friends, both in real life ones and my internet buddies.  As my project nears completion I reemerge and resume my (somewhat) normal activities.

I guess this explanation is my way of helping to explain my absence for the last few weeks.  You see, my friends, I have a new love in my life.

I bought it a few weeks ago and it has consumed me.

I've made dresses for KT:

And items for friends:

Currently I'm trying to finish up projects that were started eons ago and organizing my sewing space.  My hope is to open an online store and start selling my stuff.

Don't worry though, I'm snacking on yummy sourdough baked goods as I go along...


JWZ1978 said...

Have I told you yet that I'm also in love with the new love of your life and am insanely jealous ;) This weekend is my sewing organization might get a package yet!

Kristen said...

Yay... our beautiful dresses. ;D

I hear you. I get into a book or a craft project with the girls and my house then looks like a bomb went off. I figure if crafting, reading, playing, etc. keeps me and the kids sane then screw the clean house. They are way overrated!

Flying Monkeys said...

Good luck with your store! You'll kick ass!

Jen Gray said...

Beautiful things! Love it! And, FWIW, I am exactly the same way with the all-consuming passion of project to project (knitting, baking, gardening, etc).

Lost in Space said...

Those dresses are just too cute! Good luck with the online store. I really think it will go great based on what I see here.

Jessica said...

Good luck with your store :)

peter said...

I absolutely understand the project passion...sometimes it's my only way to stay sane. And how exciting to get a new sewing machine...mine is starting to get a little finicky. The dresses are adorable.