August 4, 2010

Have Sourdough, Will Bake

Or rather, "need" to bake.

The sourdough starter got stuck in the fridge some time ago.  For the life of me I can't remember if it was before we went camping (??) or before our quick trip to Michigan (??).  Either way it's been way too long since its presence has graced our kitchen counter.

I pulled it back out last night, fed the yeasties and gave it a nice warm, comfy spot in the kitchen to bubble away.  It needs to be nurtured for a couple of days but then I bake.

I'm thinking at a minimum we need a batch of sourdough pizza crust and some donuts.  Some of the trusty "standbys" that have already come to be loved.  This time though I feel the need for some adventure...any suggestions on new recipes to try?


Jen Gray said...

My new favorite sourdough bread recipe:

Adam got me this book for my birthday (52 Loaves) and I swear that this is the best loaf of bread that I have ever turned out. The dough is kept at higher hydration than I am used to working with (sticky kneading!) but the results are absolutely phenomenal--lots of big airy holes and a cream interior. Love it!

Flying Monkeys said...

Mmmm...mine gets neglected in the fridge. It's still living but it's a miracle. : ) Have fun!

Josey said...

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Hugs :-)