September 9, 2010

After Hours

I'm not sure what's worse, insomnia or migraines?  Put them together and you've got one wicked combination.

All I want to do is go to sleep and wake up feeling better.  For the last 90 minutes I laid in bed.  Tossing and turning, the thoughts racing through my mind like a freight train.  So here I am, sitting in front of the computer.  Writing down some of the frantic factors in an attempt to clear my mind.

While I'm up I should get the coffee pot ready.  I'm going to need some caffeine when the sun starts to shine.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Sorry your body seems to be out of whack these days. I guess it's focusing on nourishing that tiny body inside you it forgot it needs to pay attention to host mommy, too :( Love you.

Flying Monkeys said...

I'm no stranger to this scenario. Hopefully you'll get some relief soon.

Kristen said...

((HUGS)) I feel you on this one. Migraines and insomnia both suck big time. Hope you get some rest soon!

Jack Kung said...

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Jen said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for your help on Diana's blog about extreme NVP. I am the beneficiary. I've tried your suggestion with the Zantac and upping my Zofran dose and I haven't vomited since. Thank you so much!!!