February 15, 2011

Our Love

Anyone that knows us in the "real world" knows that our sense of humor is a little *off* to say the least.  We laugh a lot and I attribute that to be a large factor in how we've made it through some of the cards we've been dealt together.  

Typically it's him who's spouting off wise cracks and jokes so my contribution to our humor is much smaller in percentage.  My husband has this incredible knack of trying to crack jokes at the most inappropriate times in an attempt to lighten the mood and make me feel better.  Nothing says "I love you" like making me laugh hours after brain surgery or a c-section.  

So when I get the chance to be funny I take full advantage.  Case in point...

I woke up yesterday morning to this wonderfully sentimental post-it note message collage on our bathroom mirror.  (I'm too sleep deprived to even be concerned about the mess that is my bathroom.  At least the mirror is reasonably clean.)

Every time I walked into/through the bathroom is made me smile.  Even after 11 years together he can still be sweet.

About 3pm yesterday afternoon one little thing caught my eye.  (Yes, it took me that long in my sleep deprived, caffeine-lacking state to notice it.)

It appears as though his beautiful sentiment is missing a subject.  So I proofed the statement for him.

As you can see, romance is obviously THRIVING in our household.  But it works for us.


Susan said...

Love it!

Miss you.

lorem ipsum said...

This. Is. Awesome.

Happy Valentine's, kids!

Kristen said...

You guys are so crazy. :D I LOVE it!

Jessica said...

Lol! This is awesome :)