April 25, 2011


Two week ago our Pinto Bison (he was lovingly nicknamed that years ago) had a quick surgery to remove a fatty deposit/lump by his front shoulder.  About 4 days after the surgery --just when the fur started to regrow and the sutures started to itch-- he started incessantly licking close to the wound.  He couldn't reach the wound itself due to its location but could get about 2 inches away.  He licked and licked and licked and licked until he started to make the skin raw.

In true fashion, we were too lazy to drive across town on a Friday night to buy an e-collar (ie. Elizabethan collar, cone, etc.) to hinder his lapping.  After being scolded repeatedly, Pinto Bison emerged from our bedroom sporting this ensemble.

Luckily for him, the attire secured him a late-shift waitressing position with the restaurant famous for well-endowed waitresses, tiny white t-shirts and buffalo wings. (Or so I hear, I've never set foot in such establishment.)  

After a few hours he picked up a new nickname -- Destiny.  A name befitting of any waitress worth her salt.  Especially one that wears tiny white t-shirts.

Apparently he wasn't as amused as we were.  If he had fingers, he'd probably have a gesture or two for us.


Susan said...

oh, how you kill me... lol.

Lost in Space said...

Those eyes say it all. LOL.

Our younger mastiff had the cone of shame for the past week and I think she acutally started to like the damn thing.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! He looks totally ticked off in that first picture! Lol! It's like he is glaring at you!