August 15, 2011

Rained Out

The baby was up just before 6am this morning to nurse.  As I laid her back in her crib shortly before 6:30 I thought briefly about crawling back into the warm cocoon of my bed, pulling the covers up over my head and trying to ignore the sun  infiltrating the bedroom.  Instead I resigned myself to shutting the alarm off and enveloping myself with steam from the shower.

An hour later I was dressed and ready for the day (including hair AND makeup), C was gone for work and both kids were still sound asleep.  I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed to the back door to enjoy the peace of the backyard for a few minutes.  As I raised my hand to push the door open I heard the unmistakable sound of soft raindrops on the patio.

I can hope that it's just a mere coincidence and not an indication of the day to come.


Lisa said...

Aw, MAN! Hope the day gets better for you!