September 20, 2011

Sealed My Sleeping Fate

My husband snores.  Horribly some nights.  Much more so the older we get.  And since 95% of the time he's in bed and sound asleep before the thought of sleep even crosses my mind, I often find myself trying to drown out the noise coming from his side of the bed in an attempt to drift off myself.

A couple of years ago we had a mini-sleep study done on him.  Nothing too extensive -- just one night here at home he was hooked up to a couple of monitors that watched his heart rate and his breathing through the night.  We did find out that he has a very, very minor case of sleep apnea.  The doctor that ordered the test recommended surgery to fix a deviated septum, remove his tonsils and shorten the uvula.  This trifecta of problems would help to reduce the snoring and correct the apnea.

C was hesitant about the procedure to begin with from the horror stories he'd heard about having your tonsils out as an adult.

I can GUARANTEE it's never, ever, not in a million years, going to happen now.

You see, I had a deviated septum fixed last Friday.  As well as the rest of my sinus cavities roto-rootered to remove some cysts and a pocket of "chronic" sinusitis.  Suffice to say the pain and recovery that goes with this procedure is not to be taken lightly.  I'm 4 days out and still hating life.  

I told him on Saturday that if I'd had known how much it would suck I don't think I'd have opted for surgery; I would have dealt with the sinus headaches.

It's a done deal: I should invest in ear plugs now.


Sami said...

Well darn. I doubt dan would get his tonsils out either. Sorry you're still hating life. Heal quickly friend n

Jessica said...

I've often thought about earplugs since M is the same way. He snores horrible, and I swear I spend half the night nudging him and hissing at him to be quiet. I figure though, I still need to hear if one of the kids are crying (I don't rely on him to hear lol), so that nixes the earplug thought. If I can get into a sound sleep before he falls asleep, I'm usually good to go for the night.

Hope you can find some relief. I do find that usually M snores when he lays on a certain side, or on his back. Either way, it's annoying. I totally feel your pain.

Hoping your recovery gets better, and you're feeling good soon.