October 28, 2011


Today is starting out to be one of *those* days.  You know the kind.  Where you wish you could either crawl back in bed and start over, fast forward to the end or dump a couple of shots of Bailey's in your coffee.

Hell, this whole week has been that way.

This morning my list of annoyances is long and my patience is short.  I'd love to sit here and prattle on about everything that is getting under my skin.  But I know that in the grand scheme of things it's all just minor infractions and in time, it will pass.

So instead I'll fill my coffee cup (with just coffee, I promise) again and take a moment to breathe.


JWZ1978 said...

Hope that a few deep breaths and some good coffee help get the day moving forward in a more positive direction! If not, tell your phone to send me inappropriate text messages and I'll respond in kind :)