March 16, 2012

March Madness

So far, March isn't proving to be much better than February.  Which stinks.

We're still battling with the dumb furnace.  The repairman was out last week and I just put in another call this morning.  My fear was that the trouble I've noticed the last couple of days would escalate exponentially as soon as business hours sailed past us tonight.  And I really don't feel like paying for another weekend/emergency, service call.  I'm getting tired of the nonsense; hopefully today they can figure out exactly what's going on so we can either replace the damned thing or get it fixed for good.

Health concerns have now expanded to the dogs.  The vet is concerned about reflux with Dakota (hence him eating my afghan a month ago); we've also noticed random episodes where he seems to lose his balance and fall when he's standing up.  We've joked that perhaps he's narcoleptic but it's really starting to worry us.  They also think Logan is allergic to traditional dog food --battling yeast infections in his ears, a sign of food sensitivity-- and want us to switch to an "alternative protein" dog food.  The drawback is that a 25-pound bag of food is $50.  It's bad enough that we spend $40 on a 35-pound bag right now.

Thankfully the roof has been repaired and no leaking is apparent.  The dishwasher also ceased making it awful noises.  The gas gauge in my vehicle has worked consistently the last couple of weeks.

If we could get the furnace on track I'd feel much better.