June 9, 2006

Life is so damned unfair

Okay, so I'm posting this technically without the informed consent of such friend. I just got an e-mail this morning that is absolutely breaking my heart. Although concise, my eyes were blurry enough by the end that I had to read the last few words twice to make them out.

It's just not fair. I want to throw myself on the floor and kick and scream like a two year old. I want to slam doors and scream and break things. More than anything though, I want to hug her and cry with her and let her know that I'd give absolutely everything I have (or could get ahold of) to change things.

I don't feel it's my place to give details. But many of you probably know what I'm referencing. If you do, swing by and let her know that you're thinking of her. Nothing is definite yet, but it's not looking good.

This stinks.


Lorem ipsum said...

Hi Mandy -

Please forgive the intrusion. I don't know what your friend's situation, but I'm sending good thoughts.

Tonight I password-protected my blog because of some online harassment. I'm sorry in all sorts of ways, but I wanted to let you know.

You can write me at lifeissweetbaby (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you!!!!

Marz said...

I'm assuming I know who you're talking about & I'm so sorry it didn't work for her. I was sure it would too.