June 19, 2006

Random ramblings

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. I know that I haven't been "around" in the last week or so--just plugging away. Trying to get through the days, hoping that relief is around the corner. So far no such luck.

I know that this may seem very random and I apologize but right now, it's the most efficient.

*As I mentioned, I'm still sick. Some days are better than others but some days still knock me flat on my butt.

*Still not feeling the baby kick/move. This could be due to my anterior placenta. Not freaking out too much yet.

*Our house in Utah still hasn't sold. Dealing with major hassles in that department.

*We're getting very frustrated by the timeline we're facing here in Idaho in regards to finding a new house. Until we know our other house is sold, we really can't begin looking seriously here. As much as we hate the though we talked last night about the possibility of renting again for a while.

*I still haven't started my job yet. I'm beginning to get very stir crazy being home all day long. I'm sure that it's not helping the way that I feel at all either.

*My dogs have turned into total monsters after living in this condo for 3 weeks. I'm about to pull my hair out and give the dogs to the first willing people.

That's about it around here. I wish that there was something more to update with.


KrisAndRod said...

So sorry you don't have much happy news to report. I truly hope things start looking up for you out there. Hopefully you won't encounter too many people who say "Don't complain you can't feel movements - once you can, you'll want them to cut it out!" I don't know who those people are, but my guess is they never struggled with wanting a baby and wanting those feelings for so long.

Or I could give you the advice my mom gave me (totally useless and maddening) of "why don't you put some makeup/lipstick on - that'll make you feel better". ;)

Mandy said...

LMAO -- I think of your mom's comment every time I struggle to find the energy to take a shower and get ready! It always makes me smile. But now I understand how hard it is somedays to even accomplish small things like that.