August 9, 2006

On the Road Again

Just can't wait to get on the road again...

So yeah, my "hickness" (and of course my love for Willie Nelson) shines through ever so brightly this fine Wednesday morning. Every once in a while it's important to remember where you came from.

My little sister--well, I guess she's not so little anymore--gets married on Friday. C and I head out tomorrow to Michigan for the weekend. I love going home to see my family but the trip preparations drive me nuts. Especially when there is a wedding or social event involved that requires us to dress up. For me, everything has to be just perfect down to the smallest accessory. First of all, I must start with the best outfit possible. Then, I make sure that I have the prefect shoes for the outfit, the perfect jewelry and my make-up has to coordinate. Then I try to make C's outfit match my own. For C, as long as his clothes are clean (which is debatable at times), he's good to go.

Preparing for this trip has been more difficult because of two things--pregnancy and our living situation. First of all, finding a maternity dress that I like has been a challenge. I ended up buying two different ones and will have my other sister choose before the wedding. And shoes...don't even get me started on that. I HAVE to have the perfect shoes to go with an outfit. I have lots of really cute dress shoes already. Unfortunately, not a single pair will fit my wide, swollen feet right now. Meaning I had to go out and find a new pair of dress shoes. Which has not been a very successful venture. Idaho Falls isn't exactly a mecca for shopping. Guess that I got spoiled when living in Utah. If I couldn't find something in Provo/Orem I could always head to Salt Lake City. I did find something that will work. It's just not nearly what I was looking for. Oh well. At least it's not house slippers! It hasn't helped either that most of our stuff is hidden in mis-labeled boxes in the storage unit. I can't find most of my make-up--stupid me only packed "essentials", thinking I'd have access to the rest once the movers delivered our stuff. Last night I realized that C's best pair of dress shoes have gone into hiding as well. Which meant I was frantic at midnight trying to think of a new outfit for him to wear while he couldn't have cared less. Ah the joys.

I'll be glad when the wedding portion of this trip is over so that I can relax in my frumpy maternity clothes and not worry about what shoes either of us is wearing.

Wish me luck. I hope that I don't have a hormonal meltdown over something silly.


JessandMatt said...

Have fun at the wedding, and have a safe flight!

Kristen said...

I know you will look positively radiant. Take lots of pics cause I want to see which dress you chose. (Maybe even take one of the dress you didn't choose, so I can see). :>)

Sami said...

I am positive that you will look fabulous. Sorry that the uhmm movers are the gift that keeps on giving. Have fun, have a safe trip and most of all enjoy yourself and the wedding! Tell your mom I said hi!

KrisAndRod said...

At least you're not in the wedding where you would have to deal with getting a bridesmaid dress to fit your ever-changing shape now!!! It'll be a great weekend no matter what happens. :)