August 30, 2006

120/72 and Stonewalled

My appointment was on Monday, but I haven't felt like sitting down and writing this all out. Which is why it's 2 days late in coming.

I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) but only by one point. For those that don't know, for the GTT you drink this really sugary drink (50mg glucose) in five minutes. Then they make you wait an hour and they do a finger "prick" to check your insulin level. My doctor's office puts the cutoff at 140. If you're at or above that level they make you do the horrible 3 hour test. My insulin was 139 after the hour. I'm to watch my carb intake and the Nurse Practitioner I met with "will discuss it with my OB". Translation -- I'll probably have to take the 3 hour test considering everything else going on.

My swelling is not getting any better. I gained another 4 pounds between last Thursday and Monday. My face is starting to puff up and the swelling is up above my knees now. My hands are all swelled up and go numb at random times. The swelling goes down somewhat at night or if I sit for a couple of hours with my feet elevated. The problem is then that the tissue has been so compressed due to the fluids that everything feels bruised. I can barely move because the muscles in my arms and legs are so sore. I'm to switch to a no-salt diet.

My iron is low, enough that I'm technically anemic. They want me to take iron pills as well as my prenatal vitamins. I promised to work on my diet first and we'll check my iron again at my next appointment. Iron pills don't sound like much fun to my digestive system, if you know what I mean.

My albumin is "terribly" low. Pregnant women generally have lower albumin levels but mine is just about bottomed out. Albumin in your blood cells holds the water in your cells. When it's low, the fluid leaks into the tissue causing swelling. I'm to up my protein intake (but make sure it's no-salt). They recommended drinking protein shakes, eating hard boiled eggs, string cheese, etc.

The baby is still measuring way ahead. I have an ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks at my next appointment (I'll be 31 weeks along) to get a more accurate reading. They're still really concerned that the baby is all of the sudden measuring that far ahead.

Because of all of the above, I'm on modified bed-rest. I'm to stay off my feet as much as necessary. Limiting myself to getting out of the house for doctor's appointments, work related trips and very little else. As for helping getting into the house -- no lifting or moving boxes and no absolutely no painting. At that next appointment, the situation will be re-evaluated. If the swelling hasn't improved I'll go on full bedrest.

To top it all off, Monday was my birthday. What a cruddy way to spend your day. I came home from the appointment and just cried. Then spent the night alone, on the couch, as C was over at the new house trying to get stuff done.

I think this is one birthday that I'd like to forget about. Or at least "do" over.


Trista said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I remember how stressed out and worried we got when Kristin started swelling and was put on modified bed rest. At least we knew that hers was caused by pre-eclampsia.

Watch the sodium levels of the string cheese.

Oh I hope everything is going to turn out all right, and that your swelling goes down!

JessandMatt said...

We're thinking about you....let us know if we can do anything.

KrisAndRod said...

I'm sure sometimes you just wish things would go the easy route... just once in a while!!! So sorry you're having a hard time enjoying your pregnancy. I don't remember having too many problems with the iron pills when I was taking them (though I may have just blocked it out!). Good luck working on managing your diet. Thinking 'bout you. Love you. Kris

Sami said...

Now the key here is to actually stay off your feet, so hopefully you will not have to do the full bedrest... because that truly doesn't sound like a lot of fun. As for the protein drinks etc... I'm sure you could mix ensure high protein with sugar free ice cream... since I know you're all about the milk shake. Just a thought as Dan likes ensure as a protein shake after his workouts. Hope you're feeling better and doing as ordered. Thinking about you and wishing it all was easier.

Lora said...

Lurker here, just wanted to say Hi.

You can try SlowFe (brand, I think they have it at Target); it's a slow release Iron supplement that is easier on your tummy.

I hope things get better soon!

Lorem ipsum said...

Checking in... how are you doing today?

WendyLou said...

Modified bed rest SUCKS!!!!

Yeah, I know.

I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with the swelling. I hated that. Have your eyes swelled so much your contacts don't fit anymore, that is a new type of fun. Find one comfortable pair of shoes which slip on and just wear them.

Watch the soda consumption. That was one of the problems with my BP. At my chiro's suggestion, I switched to distilled water, which you can get at the health food store, which really helped me feel better, and I think helped the swelling and BP. My Chrio said that since the water is so pure, it hauls out toxins. I filed it in the won't hurt, might help category, and I think it helped me.

Sorry about the GTT. I've done the 3 hour one, and it is tourture. I hated it. See if they'll put an iv in so they won't have to poke you over and over, trying to find a vein.

Have they given you the steroid shots? If they do, you will be introduced to an entirelly new world of swelling.

I look at pictures of me, and am amazed at how pudgy my hands are.

Hang in there.