January 24, 2007

Talk About Timing

Over the weekend I was in the store picking up baby wipes and some other odds and ends. I almost grabbed a couple of packs of D-cell batteries for baby girl's swing. Thinking that it would be best to have them on hand, just in case hers died while C was away on his business trip. That way I wouldn't have to make an emergency trip to the store. But I figured that I'd have to head to Wally World this week anyways and I'd just get them there instead, since they'd be cheaper.

One of these days I'm gonna learn to trust my gut.

C's flight left yesterday at 3pm. The airport here in town is small, with only 3 gates in the terminal. We live just West of the airport (there is a road that runs next to the airport property on the West side and our subdivision is on the opposite side of the highway from the runway) and can hear some of the bigger planes as they land and/or takeoff. If the curtains in the front room are open you can actually see them come up off the runway if they take off to the South. Baby girl and I were standing at the front window, watching for Dad's plane to take off. At 3:08 I heard the engine ramp up but we never saw the plane come up off the runway (C confirmed last night that they took off to the North, not to the South where we could have seen the plane). Knowing that he was in the air, I put KT in her swing--it sits directly in front of the window--and headed to the bathroom. As I walked back into the living room the batteries in her swing died.

Literally, it was about 2 minutes after the plane was in the air. Go figure. So much for waiting until Thursday to head to the store for groceries! I knew that today would be hell if I didn't have the help of the swing.

Let's hope that it wasn't a sign of things to come in the next nine days...


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the battery thing....I'm beginning to think I should invest in the battery companies....it always seems like when you need the swing the most, those dang batteries die. M always gets the cheap batteries thinking he's saving money, but they just die in a couple of days. We don't even use the swing that much. Get the good batteries, even though they cost more.....they last longer! Hope your next few days are good....I'll be thinking of you guys!

Anonymous said...

The new FP Rainforest swing actually plugs into the wall. How come it took them so long to figure that one out? I think the baby companies and the battery companies are in cahoots!

I always stock up at costco, but of course when we lost our power just before xmas for 5 days, I was out of D and C batteries. Guess what size the flashlights take? I've got plenty of them now!

Have fun while dad's out of town, I hope she plays nice for you.

Kristen said...

I have started a battery box. I have been buying batteries here and there and sticking them in a shoe box so I don't run out. I know your story isn't funny, but I did get a chuckle at the thought of the batteries dying just as Cris' plane left. The irony...

WendyLou said...

And that's why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my swing with the plug in option. Never run out of power, unless I don't pay the bill.

That is sad about the batteries. Hope all goes well while Daddy is gone. Hope baby girl sleeps for you.

I also hope things are going better on the job front. Sounds frustrating.

Wendy-- too lazy to log in as she has switched to the beta.