March 16, 2007


My laptop crashed on me on Wednesday. I spent most of Wednesday and all of yesterday trying to get it back up and running (hence my absence on boards, blogs, emails and instant messengers). I think I'm finally at a point where I can let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, C had bought an external hard drive last weekend and I had backed up all of my files. Whew.

Gotta love technology.


Nickie said...

Whew! That's some damn good timing on the part of C. Reminds me, I need to back stuff up again too!

Jessica said...

You did that in the nick of time didn't you? Glad you're back to the blogger world... :)

Marz said...

Oh man! I hate when that happens. Always scares me because I never back anything up. I know, stupid!
Glad you're back up & running.