November 19, 2007

365 Days

We've all heard over and over again that time goes by so much quicker, the older you get. Even though I'm experiencing this firsthand it's just so hard to believe. This time warp seems to increase exponentially once you have children. I'm not sure if the sleepless nights quickly blur the distinction between days or if the smiles and laughter fill in the space that might have laid idle.

Whatever the case, I've come to learn that you really do need to cherish this time. As my friends prepare for the arrival of babies I tell them to enjoy it while they can. As hokey as it sounds (and as much as I scoffed at it when people tried to tell me the same) -- they really do grow up so fast.

19 November, 2006

19 November, 2007


marci said...

Nice bib, even if I am an IU gal. It's still Big 10, but it's not Ohio State. :)

She's beautiful.

Marz said...

Awww.... look how cute she is!
Happy Birthday!!!

I totally agree with you on the time & you know what's worse? Is when you have that 2nd baby, the time picks up speed even more. I blinked & my baby girl is already 10 months old! Yikes!

DD said...

She's 100% cute! How can 365 go by so quickly and so slowly at the same time?

Happy First Birth Day to you both.

pam said...

she is sooooo big! She is really a little girl now. Time flies.