February 29, 2008

60-Day Challenge

There are a handful of moms on a discussion board that I'm participating in a Challenge with. The premise is that we each pick 3 things to do that will help to make us healthier and we stick with it for 60 days. Sounds fairly easy, huh?

The rules are simple:

1. Choose three things that will make you a healthier person--physically, emotionally, spiritually--and do them for this 60-day period, from now through April 26.

2. If it's the kind of thing you do every day (like drinking enough water), do it every day. If it's the kind of thing you do less often (like exercising three times a week, or seeing a therapist once a week) do it at that frequency.

3. If you don't do it one day, rub some dirt on it and keep going. The important thing is hanging in there through the end, not doing it perfectly every day.

4. If you realize one of the things you picked just isn't going to work for your life, pick something else and switch. There's no point in dragging yourself through something that doesn't make sense just because you posted here that you would. This is for you, not for the internets at large.

5. Post your three things here today. Every day I'll post a little check-in post, where you can keep a record of what you did the day before. If you want to post, post. If you don't, don't. Once a week I'll post a longer post to discuss how it's going.

6. No judging other people's three things, but if you have info that could help them, please post it.

7. Have fun!

Although it deserves another post in its entirety, I am already trying to implement a handful of healthy choices in my life. It started with going to the gym and trying to get into better shape but it has morphed slightly as my goals have changed. (That post is coming, I promise.)

That being said, there are 6 things that I'm going to challenge myself to uphold. Yeah, I know. 6 is more than 3. I'm already trying to do 3 of the things already; 3 of them are new choices. The ones that are in bold are the new ones that are going to be the most challenging for me.

Stop drinking diet soda and drink water instead.
Drink 64+ ounces of water a day.
Exercise for 15-25 minutes a day.
Start running.
Eat 5+ servings of fruits/vegetables every day.
Go to bed at a decent time.

So far I'm doing really well. Obviously I've only been doing it for 2 days though. Hopefully by the end of 60 days these choices will be concretely implemented in my day and it will be something that I continue with.

If anyone is interested in starting, we're on day 3 but would love more company! You can find the origins of the challenge at "Ask Moxie: Anyone up for a challenge?".


KarenMM said...

Challenge sounds interesting (though your ticker says you are on day 1, not 3). I'll have to think of something and join you!

Andrea said...

I'll do it, too! Thanks for posting about this.