February 19, 2008

Post Getaway Stress

Wow. 4 days away from my computer and I'm overwhelmed this morning. 54 new emails on my work account; 35 emails on my personal account; 64 new posts to read on Goog!e reader and 4 message boards to try to catch up on.

And that doesn't even include the mountain of laundry that needs to be washed, the gear that needs to be put away, the grocery shopping that needs to be done, the needy dogs that require heaps of attention after 4 days in the kennel, the pictures that need to be pulled off of the camera and everything else that comes with returning home.

Yikes. Definitely a drawback to having our anniversary be the first day we're home. Now I'm trying to juggle all of this and get everything in order to either go out to dinner tonight or have a nice meal at home.

But back to the topic of photos. Anyone want to give their recommendation on photo hosting sites (besides Photo.bucket)? I'd like to have someplace where I can start putting large amounts of photos online to have friends/family access them.


Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary first off... :)

A lot of people I know (and work with) use the Kodak website to post pictures on. I personally have never used it, but they seem happy with it. (I'm still a photobucket user)

marci said...

Firstly, Happy Anniversary! and secondly, welcome home.

I'm a Flickr user -- love it so much I sprung for a pro (read: pay for it) account. You can upload "x" for free, but the pro account gives you unlimited uploads.

The think I like best about it is that I can restrict who sees my photos - public (anyone); private (me only) or friends/family (select people with Flickr accounts). For those without Flickr accounts and/or don't want to bother with one, I can give out "guest passes" to certain albums where I can provide the link for them to look at the photos.

I got your message re: Glacier NP. Looks like we're canning that idea for an extended vacation in Portland later this summer and doing a quick getaway to the Bahamas. Although Mark's talking about going to Croatia now too... *sigh* He's so fickle.

Brenda L said...

I've been using dropshots.com because random strangers can't happen upon my pictures from there. It isn't publicly searchable/browseable.

DD said...

I use Flickr for my "better" pictures, but Walgreen's website is pretty nice, too.

Sami said...

I use shutterfly - and love the various items I can make. We did photobooks for the grandparents at Christmas and I received a free coupon for a photobook and made one for ourselves. Website is simple to use as well. Happy Anniversary!

Jessica said...

How was your little trip anyways?! I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

It's amazing how much you miss when you are gone for a few days, huh?! I hate coming home to laundry, emails, etc...takes awhile to catch up. Hopefully you are all caught up now!

Did you decide on Flickr then?!