March 17, 2008

Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em

I have to admit that I'm not very aware of what gas prices are doing. Although my car doesn't get very good mileage, it isn't driven much. It might leave the driveway 2-3 times a week and then trips are less than 20 miles round trip. When I need to go on a child-free quick trip I take C's truck since it gets better gas mileage. And because of this I usually only fill my gas tank up once a month. One of the perks to working from home. If we both worked out of the house we might re-evaluate one of our vehicles for something more efficient.

So the last couple of weeks it's been interesting for me to watch gas prices climb the way they are. I know, based on phone conversations (my Dad always has to tell me what the cost of unleaded and diesel are, both in town and for the farm) that our gas prices are considerably cheaper than some states. The one gas station I drove by tonight had unleaded for $3.15, premium for $3.35.

But what struck me as odd, is that a sign out in front of the gas station was advertising Marlboros for $3.29 a pack. How sad is it that I live in a state that has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation (we were in the bottom 5 last I knew) but yet a gallon of premium costs more than a pack of cigarettes?

Just struck me as weird.


marci said...

Well, here in NJ (locally at least) we're still under $3/gallon. I paid $2.97 topping off my tank on my way home from work yesterday. Ciggies though -- way more expensive. I think we're over $5/pack, but since I don't smoke, I don't really know.

Ash said...

$42 to fill my tank yesterday- I think I paid $3.31/gallon!! crazy!

KarenMM said...

I don't pay attention to gas prices either. However, I do fill up every week. I need the gas either way, so why worry about the price, IMO?

Jessica said...

I think we reached over $4.00 a gallon early last week, but are now down to around $3.18 this week (how can there be so much fluctuation in that short of time?) I feel bad for the people using diesel...that's close to $4.30 here right now.

Yeah, I'm not too thrilled. I usually put in about $40 a week, and that only gets me between a 1/2 and 3/4 of a tank of gas.

Oh, and the fact that the oil people always announce their profits for the quarter..yeah, love that part too. Why even tell us? lol....Do they really have to rub salt in our wounds?

Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Seems this must be a never-ending complaint. The only reason I'm not more vocal about hating increasing gas prices is that I also own some stock in one of the big oil companies! It was stock my grandfather bought for me in the 80s... for the same reason. He figured if we have to pay high gas prices, at least this way it might offset itself a little bit!

On that note, it came DOWN to $3.23 here yesterday. Ugh.

Andrea said...

Ugh, gas here in Ocala, FL is averaging $3.24 or so, and that is down just a hair from a week ago. Blah. It's amazing that some ppl still feel the need to drive like Speed Racer, even though that's wasting a huge amount of gas.