June 16, 2008

Ode to My Favorite Floozie

2008 is a fun year for me, in that most of my core friends (and myself!) hit the big 3-0.

In honor of each birthday I thought it would be fun to pay homage to them on their day. (And I'll make sure to get you in here too, Bean, since I was sick with gallbladder yuckiness on your birthday.)

Leading off the batting order is one of my longest friendships. Sami and I met in 8th grade through a special Math/Science program at the Country's Career Center. We lived about 30 minutes apart in different school districts. The Career Center had an advanced Match & Science program for the county's High School students. Once you were accepted into the program, you spent a half day there, every day for all 4 years of High School. The students stayed with the same "class" the entire 4 years and had the same 2 teachers the entire time. One for science and one for math with the subject matter changing instead of the educators. We spent our entire High School jaunt, inseparable for hours a day as we trudged (and talked) our way through the depths of classes such as Biochemistry, Statistics and Calculus.

Sami had a special place in her heart for our Math teacher. Very few students ever had the privilege to have the relationship with Mr. Boursaw that she did. To this day I'm sure he cringes when he thinks about some of the grey hairs she gave him.

14 years ago this fall, she was involved in a motor vehicle accident that shook me to the very core. While riding with a friend on a Friday night, the truck they were in left the road, rolled numerous times and the passenger side impacted a tree, bringing them to a stop. Just prior to the accident Sami had removed her seatbelt to pick something up that had fallen off the seat to the floor. During the accident she was bounced around inside the truck. Although her injuries were quite severe (lacerations to her liver, a collapsed lung and a shattered bone in her leg) I will always believe that her not having her seatbelt on ultimately saved her life. If she had been wearing it, she would have directly felt the impact of the tree. When I went to visit her in the hospital I was amazed at her strength. Upon leaving, I sobbed in the elevator. Thankful that my friend was still alive.

Since then we've seen our fair share of ups and downs. We've lived through more heartache and tears than any 2 girls should be subjected to. Our time together has seen relationships rise and fall; we've laughed through recipe trial and errors; said goodbye as we've moved ourselves to new places; mourned the loss of family members and children we so desperately wished to have. But we've come out on the other side, thankful for what we have now and the support we've had along the way.

Happy Birthday, Moe! May the coming years be filled with laughter and joy for you and your family. I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to share these last 17 years with you and look forward to what lies ahead!


Sami said...

Awww you even remember my injuries :) That's what true friends are for. Thanks friend... and 3-0 has so far been wonderful.

~*~DawnSC~*~ said...

Cheers to good times and good friends!!

Happy Birthday, Sami!

Thoughtful said...

Happy Birthday, Sami!

Isn't it wonderful to have friends and friendships that can last lifetimes?