August 10, 2008

Broken Volume

We've lived in Idaho for over 2 years now. There are things that I've talked about doing every since we moved up here. The same issues have been raised time and time again because I felt like it needed to be addressed. It's always been set aside because it's not pertinent at the moment.

Funny how when it appears as though said things could become an issue, it becomes important. Somehow it's construed as my fault that it never got done, no matter the effort I have already put forth. No matter that it was ultimately someone else in the house who let the matter fall to the wayside as it didn't need to be done right then. And when the realization hits that it's going to be an issue, let's get pissy and obnoxious. We all know how much that solves things.


I might as well save my energy. No matter how hard I try to suggest stuff, nor how loudly I do so, it's irrelevant until the urgency smacks he who has the highest testosterone level in this house, squarely upside the head.


Kristen said...

Lol... are they are husbands or our children??? That is the question. It does seem to me that no amount of nagging is ever sufficient to prompt anything getting done. There must be sludge on the floor, no lights that work, toilets that overflow or appliances that break before work can begin. ;>)

texicaligirl said...


while working on our house this weekend my husband actually said, "don't say 'i told you so' but, you were right." wow! now if he would just remember that the next time....


Flying Monkeys said...

I tagged you! My blog. Go there.