November 10, 2008

Today? Tomorrow? Next Week?




With every second that lapses I get closer and closer to the fatal blue screen of death on my laptop. The IT "guy" for our area informed me that the hard drive on my work laptop is failing.


I can't get people to respond to emails regarding work that they NEED to do. How am I going to get the approval for either a new hard drive or a new laptop?




Will it quit today?

Will it self-destruct tomorrow? Doubtful on that as I'm taking tomorrow off.

Or will I spend the next couple of weeks wondering that if the next command I issue, or the next keystroke I type will be the last?

What a way to start the week.


Lisa said...

Well, if the uncertainty is killin' ya', I know a way you can make it happen so you don't have to worry about it anymore...


Bryant and Candice said...

Did you back up your hard drive? Of course, you did. I probably just asked a stupid question.