February 10, 2009

Grossly Fascinating

They feel like some ancient form of chinese torture. The pain is enough to make my eyes water as I slowly separate their adhesive layer from my skin. It leaves the affected area sore and sometimes red for a good hour, post-removal. But I find myself fascinated with looking at what others would surely deem as gross -- what this torture device has actually removed from my face.

To someone who cannot leave their skin alone (fellow "pickers" know what I mean) Biore's pore cleansing strips are a fantastic invention.

And yes, I know this is more than you want to know about me.


marci said...

ha ha - you and my husband are kindred spirits. I tried them once - decided that was enough for me.

How are you doing these days? I've obviously been under a rock since my cruise vacation, but I think I'm finally feeling close to 100%. I'm ready to jump back in the saddle.

Erika said...

Haha, I totally agree! I am the same way! Great post! lol

Kristen said...

I totally forgot about those things... I used to love them. :D

WaterBishop said...

Dude, I need to get some of those. My nose is scary looking right now.

Jessica said...

I was fascinated a few years back when I used them. As my eyes welled up with tears after I removed it, I remember looking at it and going "ewwww..." But they do really do their job.

peter said...

Wow, I need to get some of those! I hate to admit it, but I'm in the same boat you are with the morbid fascination. Kristy