February 23, 2009

Turn Up the Hearing Aid

Lately, I feel like much of what I say has fallen on deaf ears.

Are my emails circling around in cyberspace, unable to reach their destination inbox?

Did my voicemail messages get recorded over by subsequent callers?

I'd yell louder but I'm already hoarse from all of the verbal and written requests. Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease.


Kristen said...

Maybe send a carrier pigeon to peck them until they respond. :D

Diana Johnston said...

Hi, there! I wanted to get back to you to say thanks for your sweet comment on "The Whining Puker." Thanks for checking in! I checked out your blog and found it really interesting. It's always fun to connect with other HG mothers. And thanks for the advice on the blog settings - it worked!!! So now it should hopefully be easier to get back with people.

Thanks for your kind comments!!