March 20, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

The itch is beginning. The itch to get out and get dirty. To do some digging in the fragrant, wet soil of the flowerbeds and garden.

After last summer's success I've spent many a moment this winter dreaming of the additions I can make this year.

Lettuce? Almost definitely.

Garlic? Quite possibly.

Potatoes? Still debating.

Cucumber? Nope. Not after discovering my sans gallbladder system objects to raw cukes.

Squash? Not sure if there's enough space.

I've been dreaming of flowers too. A vast array of colors, blooms and fragrances filling in the bare spots along the fence. A mix of annuals and perennials in varying heights and structural shapes.

The snow still lingers along the fence in places. As the sun glances off of it today, the spring equinox, I hope the dreams will soon fade and be replaced by the familiar feel of dirt under my nails.


Erika said...

Ahh yes, time for gardens. I love this time of year! Have fun! =)

Bryant and Candice said...

I can hardly wait to get stuff planted, too. I remember having to lug the water out there twice a day and wishing I didn't have to, but it's really worth it to see them grow and produce fruit. I just wish we had more room to in a yard. :)

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I can't wait to get a lot of annuals planted and have all kinds of different colors this year! Your flower beds look much better than mine!

peter said...

I am so there with you...I fall asleep thinking of what I'm going to plant and where. We're turning over some of the backyard to go bigger and better and I am itching to get my fingers in there and plant...I knew there was a reason that I like you so much! :) Kristy

ps.I'm trying to decide which perenials that won't grow in Idaho I should plant since I'll only be here two more years and it will probably be my last chance. Any suggestions?