March 30, 2009

School Spirit

Although neither of my degrees is emblazoned with Beaumont Tower, my loyalty to Michigan State runs deep. Especially when it comes to Spartan sports.

I may have not graduated from any of their Colleges, but I spent 3 amazing years as a student there. The friendships I made will have a lasting impression on my life and the study abroad trip I participated in...well, that was a life altering event to say the least.

Anyway...Spartan sports will always draw my attention. Much more so than any other professional team or event. It's hard to follow sometimes living in Idaho; games aren't considered local out here so they're not always broadcast on tv. But we make due.

Having MSU do so well in March Madness this year has peaked interest even more. Unfortunately, any games broadcast on CBS are blacked out for us due to contract negotiations with our satellite provider. So we've had to make due to watching them online.

It's hard for me to sit still and watch a game on the computer. So I usually turn it on for background noise and go about my business, stopping to watch for a minute here and there.

Yesterday's game was a fantastic one to watch. And was great motivation while cleaning!


Bean said...

GO STATE!! Glad to hear you still bleed green!