September 6, 2006


I'm here, I'm here. Everything is okay, I promise. Thank you to everyone who has shown concern--sending e-mails, leaving comments and making phone calls. Life has just been extremely hectic lately.

My apologies for my absence. We ended up with a couple of day extension at the condo and it rushed by much faster than we expected. Before I knew it, it was Saturday afternoon and C was packing up the computer. Ahhh! Before I could post, no less.

Due to a snafu with Qwest (insert a string of profanities here...) we don't have our DSL at the new house until Friday when a service tech can come out and flip some switch out on the box. Which means that I'm either hanging out at the library to check my e-mail or dragging myself to campus to sit in front of a computer. Either way, it requires me to take a shower and make myself presentable. Both of which take more time and energy than I seem to have most days.

Healthwise -- not much new to report. I've upped my protein intake as much as I possibly can and have cut down as much as I possibly can on salt. Considering I only have a microwave and a single glass bowl to use to cook with right now, the salt aspect has not been easy. Thanks for all the suggestions on things to watch for though, they are greatly appreciated.

Trista -- I have found that the lower fat cheeses contain more sodium so I scour all the packages while at the grocery store to find one with the lower sodium content. At this point, I've not overly concerned about my fat intake (within limits).

WendyLou -- Thanks for the tip on the distilled water. Perhaps I'll grab some of that. My soda intake has been cut down considerably. I found out the hard way a couple weeks ago that ANYTHING with caffeine in it, no matter what time of day I drank it, kept me up until all hours of the night. So if I drink any soda it's usually Sprite or something else non-caffeinated.

The swelling hasn't gone down per se in intensity, but it has gone down in frequency. I'm trying my hardest to stay off my feet as much as possible. Once I have DSL at the house and I get my laptop (insert string of profanities here as well...) it will make this much, much easier to do. It amazes me how quickly my ankles disappear when I am up and moving around. My blood pressure is still fine as well. This morning it was 112/65 and I continue to monitor it a couple of times a day.

Housewise -- Progress is occurring, albeit much slower than both C and I would like. The holiday weekend was spent putting up new lights, ceiling fans, etc. Not much painting got done. Hopefully C will be able to get the washer and dryer put in tomorrow night so that I can do laundry again. We only have one room (the nursery) left to paint downstairs and finish off with the entire downstairs trim and a couple of closets. Then touch-ups through the house. It's still a decent amount of work. And we know that it seems like it has taken a lot of time to accomplish what we have. But we continue to remind ourselves that we're painting almost the ENTIRE house and most of the rooms have needed two coats of paint. We didn't expect this to be a weekend project.

Well, that's about all I have at the moment. I feel so disconnected right now. Hopefully that will be solved by the end of the weekend.

Thanks again to everyone for the support and concern. I'll update again when I'm back up and running -- my computer, that is.


Trista said...

Glad to hear that you're ok!

Lorem ipsum said...

What she said. Keep well and hang in there!

Kristen said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing ok. Take a deep breath and remember, soon you will be moved in and enjoying life in your beautiful new home.