April 26, 2007

101 and Counting

Much to my surprise (and pleasure), KT slept for 101 minutes in her crib this morning!


101 minutes. In her crib. By herself. No rocking to sleep. No crying.

I laid her down when she started to get tired. Gave her the pacifier and her blankie and she was out within minutes. She slept for about 45 minutes without a sound, then woke up. I could hear her rustling around for about 5-10 minutes and she went right back to sleep for almost another hour! The best part was that she woke up the wonderfully happy little girl that I love!

At 1:00, she started to get tired again so we tried it for a second time. This time she fussed a little when I laid her down. I had to go into the nursery and put her pacifier back in once, but within 10 minutes she was sound asleep. I came back to the computer at 1:08 and haven't heard a peep from her since.

We're on 29 minutes...I'm holding my breath to get at least another 31 more...


Jessica said...

Yay! I'm so happy it's working out! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hugs to all....

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear she's sleeping a bit better in the crib. Hang in there, it's trial and error to find what works!
I love the new "look"
Give my sweetie a kiss for me. Love, Gramma Peggy

Kristin, Rod, and Miss V said...

Yay, Katie!! And yay for you, too! Hope this is the beginning of a great new trend.