April 17, 2007

General "Stuff"

I'm here.
Plugging away, day by day.
Nothing monumental happening.
Just life.

To catch everyone up to speed...here's the rundown...

- 5 months old last week
- will only fall asleep for naps if she's held/rocked
- started on sweet potatoes last weekend
- shrieks just to hear herself make noise
- hasn't rolled over yet
- loves to chew on her toes
- successfully made the transition to sleeping in her crib in the nursery.

- project for work has flopped, has to be totally redesigned
- issues regarding my salary have arisen
- sleeping better at night now that Katie is in her own room
- getting little done around the house
- trying to plan (and plant) a garden
- struggling to find stuff to post on my blog
- way behind on phone calls and emails to family and friends
- acting as a single parent this week with C in Florida
- crossing my fingers Katie's batteries in the swing don't die this week.

So, that's about the extent of it. I wish that I had something more exciting to post but lately the days are running together with little differentiation. I also struggle to find the energy, motivation or topics to post about on this blog. I'm sure people don't want to hear about potato fields and poopy diapers.


WendyLou said...

Glad to see the update. I'm sorry your job sucks. Yay for sweet potatoes!

word confirmation.... wzYFU!!! lol

Jessica said...

I would LOVE to hear about potato fields and poopy diapers....my life is about diapers right now...lol

Hope the work situation gets resolved soon and things get moving again.

As for the Katie and the rocking/holding thing....I know it's going to be hard, but it worked with Dylan....it took a few times for this to work, but he finally caught on. Just a suggestion (and you can tell me where to go if you don't want to hear it!:), but put her down awake. She might fuss...but don't pick her up...wait a few minutes. Soothe her if she gets too hysterical...but don't pick her up. It's their way of learning how to self soothe. It's hurts us mommies to hear them cry...but believe me, it's worth them learning this. Just hang in there. (Hope this didn't sound too bossy....just wanna help)

WendyLou said...

So not trying to start anything on your blog Mandy.... and not trying to flame Jessica either, but presenting an alternative POV.

I don't believe in letting babies cry it out. Little bit of fussing, sure, but I could never let Sydney get to the point of being hysterical before I pick her up.

I joyfully nurse Sydney to sleep.

If I'm crying, I want someone to pay attention to me, and I try to give Sydney the same consideration. She can't talk, so crying is her only way of communication. I get ticked when no one listens to me, and I think she is the same way.

And yes, there are times she cries because I can't get to her right then, like I'm driving and she is in the carseat or I'm toileting or chopping onions, but I talk to her and get to her as soon as I can.

Babies cry, that is a fact of life, but I try to limit her crying.

Jessica said...

Sorry M, but I didn't mean to let KT cry it out to the point of hysterical....I DID say to go in and soothe her...but don't pick her up....sorry about the confusion if anybody took this wrong...

I guess we all have our ways of mothering...just a suggestion...hopefully this didn't cause any problems.

Meg said...

Miss Emma will also only fall asleep if she is held and usually nursed. If she is really tired and fussy she will eventually let the swing lull her to sleep. Glad to hear the transition to the nursery went so well! I am truly jealous :).

Sami said...

I think we've talked about this a few times and while I have suggestions I firmly believe that ultimately you will figure out what works for you and for KT. Some say cry it out... others say don't. Every parenting style is different. You and C have to figure out what will work for the 3 of you and what you are comfortable with doing. If rocking and holding works for you then do it... if you want to attempt other methods try them... ultimately sometimes it's a crap shoot as to what works for your child. I have the utmost confidence you'll figure it out :D

Nothing like skirting the issue huh :D