December 11, 2007

Automobilist Grievances

In no particular order:

- blue hairs that can barely see over the steering wheel who inevitably pull out directly in front of you, causing you to slam on your brakes, then proceed to weave within their lane and drive 10 mph under the speed limit

- vehicles that drive 15 mph on icy/snowy roads that warrant 35 mph and have a posted speed limit of 55 and the sporadic enough oncoming traffic that prevents you from passing

- gawkers who are oblivious to signs that designate a lane as a turn only lane and then have the audacity to get pissed at you when their lane no longer exists and they can't merge into traffic

- those who think turning on their blinker automatically creates free space in the adjacent lane and merge without checking to see if the lane is occupied

- impatient drivers who see parents removing children from carseats and sit, waiting not so patiently and even going so far as honking, for the parent to shut the door so they can pull into the empty space when there are free spaces on the other side of the vehicle

- tourists/visitors who are unsure of where they need to go, continuously slowing, braking, signaling and weaving in and out of turn lanes

- dimwits who forget that by law they are required to use signals

- car jockeys with vision abilities that make void the need to use headlights in foggy/snowy/dawn/dusk conditions

- he/she slowing down succeeding traffic by not realizing that far right lane is designated a turn lane so they may slow/brake in their own space without disrupting the flow

- cretins with blatant disregard for traffic laws but the consideration for flipping other drivers the bird when they are themselves at fault


Jessica said...

Uh oh....

If you're already getting annoyed now, I'd hate to see you when you get here next week! Just kidding...

I definitely think that there are people on the road who shouldn't be...i.e. bluehairs.

I find myself every morning stressed out when I get to work. Oddly, I didn't leave home that way. There are alot of crazies on the road.

Hopefully you don't encounter too many on the way here.

OHN said...

I agree with all of the above and would like to add one more....

The newly minted teen driver that thinks they are the best driver because,,,after all, they just passed their test! (Yeah, that beats the heck out of my 30 years of experience!)