July 30, 2008

Life is Learning

My mom mentioned last week that my peas didn't look "normal". She commented that they had much wider pods. Then yesterday, Kristin asked what kind they were as they never shelled sugar snaps growing up, just eating them straight from the garden.

I didn't remember the seed package saying they were sugarsnaps so I went on a hunt in the garage. I didn't know if they were run of the mill garden peas, sugar snap peas or snow peas. All I could remember was that it said they didn't need to be staked. True, they didn't. But if I left them to their own devices, all 4 rows grew prostrate along the ground to the center of the patch and then climbed up the other plants. Leaving me with a snarled tangle of pea plants and tendrils.

I knew that somewhere amidst the mess (we're in the process of rearranging everything so that my 4Runner will fit in there finally) was a half full bag of seed. With a name on it. And with the joy that is G00gle I'm sure the name would lead me to a variety.

G00gle didn't let me down.

Oregon Giant Peas

Oregon Giants are the largest and sweetest of the snow peas. Snow peas are typically picked before the peas themselves get big so that you just eat the pod itself. As the peas grow, the pod becomes more fibrous and toughens. Making it uneatable. Or at least not enjoyable to eat. Oregon Giants are the first snow pea to have been bred to grow sweet peas in the pod before harvesting. The benefit this variety is as the peas grow larger the pod stays sweet and tender. So you get the best of both!

So it appears that even the Plant Girl still has lots to learn in terms of her gardening. Photobucket


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Hooray for learning something new! You're expanding your mind!

I was in no way questioning your gardening abilities, I was really just trying to save you some time and work! I know lots of peas would perish if I had to shell (hull?) them all first!

Good to know you still see the [seed] bag as half full ;)

Thoughtful said...

FYI - Peas are gross!


Yeah I know... real helpful but I need to catch up with your other entries