July 29, 2008

Some of My Favorite Things

Are handmade!

About a year ago I found the wonders of Etsy and Hyena Cart. Buying something that is handmade seems (at least to me) to be much more meaningful than buying a shirt off the rack in the mall. You have to put thought into the items you purchase. And I love that it benefits the crafter directly!

So now when I have a choice I try to buy items (especially gifts!) -- for both myself and others -- from one of the two sites. It helps too that I have an amazing collection of friends that have "shops" that I can peruse.

Here are some of my favorites:

Marci makes the most amazing jewelry. I love the beads she chooses to work with and could easily spend a great deal of money on her items! This is one of my newest purchases from her.

Jaime's work includes embroidered burp cloths, dresses, blankets and rag quilt totes.

Barbie started off sewing diaper bags and has branched into beautiful children's clothing and accessories.

Nichole makes iron-on transfers for kids' clothing.

Kim's specialty is fitted diapers and she has one of the best products available by a work-at-home mom. Her diapers are incredibly absorbent, they hold up very well in the wash and she uses the most fantastic selection of fabrics.

Samantha stocks adorable tee shirts that are flocked with whimsical (and somewhat retro) images. When she's not so busy with life, law school and the impending arrival of a new baby she also stocks the most amazing yarn to match her shirts.

Nicole specializes in hand-painted yarn and knitted items. Her colorways are spectacular. We were lucky enough to get involved as a tester for an item of hers before she opened her cart. We received countless comments on KT's pants when she wore them.

Jen uses all natural fibers for her knitted and crocheted projects. Her work includes children's clothing sets and accessories, longies for cloth diapering and home items.

Dalia and Melissa create embroidered items (shirts, onesies, etc.), dresses and fleece diaper soakers. They do amazing custom work and are great to work with.


Flying Monkeys said...

I like the earrings.

I wish a was a fast enough knitter or crocheter to do something like that myself but my fat fingers don't let me.

marci said...

Thanks for the shout out -- and for the snapshot of you modeling your earrings.

I've been in such a creative slump lately. Hoping that tomorrow brings me a great burst of creativity -- after I get back from the gym, that is!