October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

In 2006 I was counting contractions, trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible and anxiously awaiting the impending arrival of our child. There was no costume involved in 2006 -- that's me in all my pregnant glory -- as I feared that very little would fit. I suppose I could have painted my protruding belly orange and gone as a jack o' lantern, but I'm sure that few people would have enjoyed the sight of me waddling my way through the subdivision.

In 2007 I was counting teeth, trying to keep KT from pulling stuff of shelves and learning to deal with the tantrums that were increasing in frequency. We opted out of a costume for her first Halloween. She wasn't walking yet and we didn't feel the need to go door-to-door pillaging for candy that we would consume ourselves, unnecessarily.

2008 has brought a whole new realm of experiences as you can see. All of the preparations this week have been riddled with tantrums and tears. We'll have 15 minutes that go really well and then we spend the rest of the hour trying to dissuade tears and calm the screaming. The intended costume (a ladybug) was received extremely poorly, as I had feared when taking the time to pull it together. She literally threw herself on the asphalt of the parking lot and laid there kicking her feet. It sounded as if we were torturing her by pulling out her fingernails one at a time. I was immediately ready to call it quits and C's coworkers chuckled from inside the office.

There is much more to say in regards to this year's Halloween activities but for now I'm occupied with doling out candy to the neighborhood kids and drinking my beer in between knocks at the door.


Flying Monkeys said...

I love that picture of her. I'm sorry but it makes me laugh. Partly because I've been there and partly because it isn't me. LOL!
She's still a doll.;)

marci said...

Happy Halloween - after the fact, obviously. I would have loved to have seen your little ladybug at my door. I didn't see too many original or fun costumes sadly.

Kristen said...

Omg... love the pic. Boy does that temper tantrum look familiar. At least she looks super cute while throwing her fits. ;D

Susan said...

I do LOVE the ladybug costume :)
I also love the visual of imagining you taking swigs of beer between trick or treaters.
Lots of love. Susan

Anonymous said...

I love the pic's from each yr, including of course this yr's even though you had to deal with the tantrum! Sorry honey, but you will laugh at it in yr's to come.

texicaligirl said...

i am SO sorry that i was texting you while you were going through all THAT!! well, i think this means she will be an easier teenager - she'll get all her hissy-fits our now!