October 24, 2008

This *Will* Be Easier Next Year


We bought a camper late in the summer. Tent camping is no longer such a feasible option for weekend adventures now that Kate is here. Imagine 2 adults, a toddler and 2 dogs in a small tent. Ha! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

We've taken the camper out once already this year and had a good time. It's nice in that we can get into the mountains in little over an hour so it's a fairly easy trip to take. The problem is packing to go. The first trip took me a better part of a week to get ready for. I unloaded a good portion of my house into the trailer as it was empty. I had to stock bedding, towels, plates/utensils, cookware, spices, food, toys, toiletries and whatever other random paraphernalia that was necessary for a weekend away.

This trip is hard because I'm in between. Some kitchenware was left in the trailer; bedding/towels were washed and immediately put back; dry good were left in the pantry. But things such as pots and pans were all brought back into the house. Random stuff like spatulas and can openers were rehomed in my kitchen. So I'm trying to figure out what needs to be taken back to the trailer and what is already there. And go figure, I can NOT find the list I put together for the first trip.

My goal is to have the trailer fully stocked next year. All we'll have to do is load clothes and perishable food (the pantry will stocked with dry goods) and pull out. I hope that it will make trips easier. I doubt it will, but it's nice to hope, isn't it?


marci said...

Yes, it WILL get easier. My grandparents (from Michigan) had a camper. It was fully stocked. They took it up north and to florida. Those were the good old days.

texicaligirl said...

we had a trailer. my mom had a fifth wheel. and yes, the key is to buy stuff so that you don't have to pack your whole house and unpack it!!

i am jealous...maybe next year we'll have one, too. maybe we can plan a trip with you!!