October 8, 2008

It's All Good

For the record, I started with 8 plants.

Shortly after I planted them, it frosted and I was certain they had died.

So my wonderful friend gave me some extras she had.
I planted 3 of them.
I fertilized the HELL out of everything.

All 11 survived.


I might not plant any next year.

Who am I kidding??

I'll plant 2 plants.
It will be enough to give me fresh tomatoes.

My luck every plant I put in the ground next year will die.


Shannie said...

LOL...you'll plant more...after all you are plant girl! ROTF.

Oh and nope, we moved to PG...the town just a couple over from where you used to live so it was only a 20 minute drive tops to get there.

So out of curiosity and maybe we have already discussed this, can't remember now...ok, we really need to email...do you have mine? Grrrr, I hate giving out information in a public forum. Can you get onto FF still? PM me and I will get my email to you.


Shannie said...

OK...I remember now...we did discuss what I wanted to discuss. OK, you seriously need to email me but do you have that address? I thought you did but I just can't remember.