December 22, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It says that it's 28 degrees right now, but with the wind it feels like 13. Gotta love that wind! It's blowing at 28mph (per The Weather Channel) currently, with gusts up to 35mph. The wind sucks. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and at the very edge of town. It feels like a vortex of snow crystals outside right now as it swirls through the neighborhood. I couldn't even get a good idea of which direction the wind was blowing from. It seems to come at you from every angle and dances in frozen, piercing swirls across the landscape.

C shoveled once this morning before he left for work. I opted to go out and bust through it mid-day so that it was more manageable later on. It will probably need to be shoveled yet again when C gets home from work.

I just burnt 412 calories as I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk. The snow is wet and heavy today -- unlike the light, powdery stuff that normally accumulates. Normally the wind wouldn't be able to blow such wet, heavy snow around but at 30mph I suppose it can move more than normal. So I shoveled with sunglasses on to keep the snow from whipping in my eyes. If I had known where my ski goggles were, I would have worn them instead. Fashion clearly goes out the window when I don my winter snow gear.

As I look out the window I'm already beginning to think my efforts were futile. The sidewalk is drifting back in already. I guess if anything, it was good exercise and gives me a reason to not drive through the knee high snow on the street to go to the gym tonight.

The forecast is calling for snow 9 out of the 10 coming days so I would imagine our shovel gets good use in the next 2 weeks. Perhaps C is 2nd guessing his decision to NOT buy a snow blower. Last week I put the suggestion on the table, saying it wouldn't bother me to spend the money. He said it wasn't necessary. He might kick himself for that shortly.


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

I remember not too long ago that Rod was complaining that our snowblower was taking up too much space in the garage... definitely not complaining about having it now!