December 15, 2008

Dashing Through the Snow...

I think it should more appropriate be titled, "Dashing Through the Holiday".

All I want to know is how did it get to be the 15h of December (crap--it's my BIL's birthday today)? Wasn't it just Halloween? Or even Thanksgiving?

In what very little spare time I have, I'm realizing that my schedule is getting tighter and tighter and I'm running out of time to accomplish everything I think needs to be done.

A big part of it, is the sheer amount of crazy stuff that I take on. That I choose to do. I know that I could cut some of it out but they are traditions that I'd hate to see fall to the wayside.

Yeah, 120 Christmas cards eats up a fair amount of time. As does making Christmas candy to give to our friends/neighbors as gifts. Shopping probably can't be done away with but it adds an extra element of pressure to make sure gifts are bought and shipped to family back home in enough time to account for holiday shipping delays. I can't wait until the last couple of days and dash around town to check names off my list.

Add in making dishes for work parties (how did I get volunteered to make a dish for C's work party? One of these years I'd like to just be able to buy a couple dozen rolls and call it good.), prepping my house for visitors, making gifts for Secret Santa exchanges, planning for a holiday dinner which I keep inviting people to, and just the general chores of life and working 40 hours a week and it's easy to see why I'm running out of time and feeling rushed.

I woke up this morning to realize that it was Monday, yet again, and I was busy all weekend long. My hope is that by next Monday I will have everything finished and can actually enjoy the holiday a little bit.


Mberenis said...

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Stinky said...

i think my holiday dinner invite must have got lost in the ;)

Nicole said...

You always amaze me with what you can accomplish! I can't believe you've signed up for all that! Reading your "everyday" made my head spin.

Random -- I've been keeping Meg updated with you, because she's quite taken with the beauty of the quilt you made her. She has always been very careful with it, and it is still so pretty. (I should just email you a picture of Meg with her quilt.

KaraD said...

You are insane, woman! :o) I hope things start to slow down for you a little so you can enjoy the holidays before they are over!