April 2, 2009

Insomnia is Cruel

The clock on the macbook reads 12:50. My eyes are wide open and my mind is racing faster than is legal for this time of night.

I shut the computer down, originally at 9:30 and began winding down for bed. By 10:30 I was pulling the covers up, snuggling in and breathing a sigh of relief at the early turn in. I was yawning as C crawled in next to me.

Two hours and half a dozen techniques later, I was still awake and tired of tossing around. So here I am. Sitting in the living room, HGTV showing on the satellite and the computer in my lap.

The insomnia had gotten much better. I've had a good month where I've slept well (since I submitted the grant). Let's hope that this bout passes quickly. Heaven knows I need my beauty sleep.


Jen Gray said...

Gah! I can SO relate. I think it must be something about us anxious types. ; )

(Can I secretly--ok, not so secretly as this is a public forum--that I LOVE it when my docs have me take sleeping pills as that is the best sleep in my LIFE?!?? Don't worry, I'm not an addict. Not yet.)

JWZ1978 said...

Have you tried the L-theanine yet? Or holy basil? I did the L-theanine a couple days when traveling...not as good as the Ambien (really what is) but not bad. The holy basil is supposed to be better, but that bottle is yet to be opened. Tulsi tea was recommended too, I did that last night, I think it did help.

P.S. Love the new background :)