April 28, 2006

A calming feeling

Today is graduation here in Provo for the seniors at Brigham Young University. Finals ended on Wednesday and everything is now wrapping up for the semester.

Woohoo for those of us who live in this town year round! Summer sessions start next week and housing contracts are ending, which means the students not sticking around for summer classes will be gone by the end of next week at the latest.

This is horrible to say, but the end of April is one of my favorite times of year around here. Traffic on the streets decreases considerably. That in itself is a wonderful aspect of summer as many of the student drivers are horrible. You can actually decide at the last minute to go out to dinner on the weekend and be seated within 10 minutes. When students are here, Friday and Saturday nights are incredibly busy as everyone goes out on "date nights". On average you can easily wait an hour for a table at a restaurant. And movies--that's the best part! 10 minutes before a show starts you can actually walk into the theatre, buy tickets and find seats. Ahhh, I love summer.

I could never understand why the permanent residents of East Lansing looked forward to the MSU students leaving for the summer. Now that I'm a permanent resident somewhere, I totally understand.

So congrats to the new BYU grads and I bid a fair adieu to those leaving for the summer. I can already feel the calmer atmosphere settling in for the season.