December 23, 2006

6 Weeks, already??

It hardly seems that Baby K is 6 weeks old today. Seems like just yesterday that my water broke. Just yesterday when we bundled her up and brought her home from the hospital. Just yesterday that my mom was here for Thanksgiving. But it's been longer than that. Time continues to roll by, filling our days with smiles, tears and wonderful new memories.

Katie is growing, growing, growing. I had to buy new onesies for her the other day, moving up to the 3-9 month ones. The 0-3 month sizes (in the plain white ones) are starting to get snug. To the point where when we snap them at the bottom they pull the neckline down and look silly. Part of it is due to the bulkiness of the cloth diapers (they're definitely not as stream-lined as "sposies") but she's also getting wide enough through the chest and belly that they're tight that way too. Funny thing though, is that most of the onesies that belong to outfits (that are Carter brand, Old Navy, GAP, etc.) in size 0-3 still fit fine. It's just those danged white Gerber ones that are too short. Poor girl is gonna be like her mom and inherit my short legs and like her dad and inherit his longer torso. I'm not sure how much she weighs now or how long she is, but my guess is that she's over 10 pounds now. I keep thinking that I'm going to get out my cloth measuring tape from my sewing box and measure her, but I keep forgetting.

It's been really fun to watch her hair grow too. It's getting super, super light. She's definitely going to be blonde. One of our friends was here from Utah the other day and L said that she looked like she was gonna be strawberry blonde. I could handle that. But her hair is getting longer and longer. The hair on top of her head is probably at least an inch long now and when it's wet it's got beautiful waves/curls to it. I keep hoping that she'll also inherit her dad's curls and the light, bright blonde hair I had as a kid. What mom of a little girl doesn't hope for a beautiful head of blonde curls to play with?

I'm glad to report that I did manage to get Christmas cards out in the mail Wednesday of this week! No gifts for friends (sorry for everyone that's gotten something in the past) but at least cards containing well wishes for the holidays. My shopping for C is done too, thankfully! And just about everything taken care of for family. I know, I know, Christmas is only 2 days from now, but my mom and sisters aren't celebrating until next weekend, so I have a few days to get a couple of things wrapped up. I just can't find this one thing that I'm looking for...doesn't that drive you nuts when that happens?

This week has been busy, filled with outings for shopping and Christmas parties. It's amazing how much more difficult it is to get the family showered, dressed and ready to go outside! I think I really took for granted how easy it was before Katie was born to just jump in the car and run a quick errand. Now it's a much more elaborate ordeal.

We (baby and I) tried to go grocery shopping on Thursday night while C went out to do Christmas shopping. As soon as I walked through the sliding doors at Wally-World, K spit up ALL over. I had the blanket over the top of her infant carrier so I didn't know at first. I put the carrier in the cart, dropped the diaper bag in the main part of the cart (directly underneath the carrier) and pulled the blanket back. Wow! K had spit up just about all of the feeding she ate just before leaving home. It was on the underside of the blanket, all over her jacket and soaked through to her shirt, her mitten was soaked and the best part--it ran down the carrier and out the slots in the bottom where the straps weave through the plastic. It then ran down all over the top of the diaper bag that was sitting underneath. So we trucked our way to the back of the store to the family restroom. Thankfully the diaper bag always contains an extra change of clothes. Twenty minutes later we emerged in fresh, dry clothes (and of course a new diaper) to discover that someone had taken off with our cart. Grrr. Back to the front of the store we went for a new cart and onto our shopping experience. If it wasn't for the fact that our fridge was empty, I probably would have just walked right out to the car and gone home. The joys of going out with an infant...

Well, nursing calls. As usual. I apologize for my lapse. Lately it seems as though my days are blending together and there is very little differentiation between them. Leaving not much of interest to blog about. But I'll try to stay updated, I promise. I'm also trying to put together a site specifically for the baby so this blog can go back to "my" space. Crazy, I know, to try to keep up with two sites but the baby site is also planned for people that I haven't shared this address with...

But I leave you with holiday wishes from the family...

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Anonymous said...

How adorable that picture is! That's Grandma's little sweetheart.

I miss you all terribly and wish we could all be together this Christmas. You have so much to be thankful for this holiday!
Merry Christmas Honey,

Anonymous said...

sounds like you handled the eruption very well. Just be glad she's bfed, formula spit-ups are STINKY!!! You would have noticed it sooner though.

Have a great holiday!