December 14, 2006

'Tis the Season

Can anyone explain how it all of the sudden got to be the middle of December already? Somehow it's only 11 days from the holiday and I haven't even started decorating, shopping or writing out Christmas cards. Usually by now all 3 projects have been completed and I'm reveling in the fact that I can sit home and enjoy the peace and quiet, watching all of the frantic people rushing to get everything done in time.

Oh, yeah. I had a baby. I guess that explains why I have absolutely nothing done and will be incredibly grateful if everything does get done on time.

I love the holidays and enjoy all of the pre-Christmas "stuff" that needs to get done. C and I tend to disagree on the amount of stuff that I actually do. In a normal year, I address and send out close to 75 Christmas cards, make cookie/candy trays for 10-15 friends and neighbors and shop for around 20 people. The list of card recipients is so numerous because of our tendency to relocate to a new state after a few years. Every move causes the list to grow slightly. Add this to the fact that C has an enormous family and you get the point. It seems too as though the tradition of sending cards is slowly being eroded as every year the amount we receive dwindles. It's sad because I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas cards. The cookie/candy trays were made for the neighbors we were the closest too and then all of the friends that we felt warranted more than just a card. It was easier (and cheaper) for me to spend a Saturday baking and making other goodies than to go out and try to buy gifts for everyone. And gifts -- the number is higher than many people, once again for the amount of C's family we buy for. We have 3 times as many people to buy for on his side than mine!

This year I'm afraid that all of my pre-Christmas activities are going to be pared down considerably. I doubt that I'll do any cookies and candy for the neighbors and the few friends we've made so far here in Idaho. Plus, the card list will be seriously re-evaluated and trimmed down.

I promise, the thought is there and I'm trying as hard as I possibly can to get into the holiday spirit. Please know that I'm thinking of all of you and your families during the holiday season. Even if you don't get a card or a cookie!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, when my son was little, his first Christmas was waaay pared down. We were travelling for the holiday to visit family (easier to travel with an infant than a toddler) so we didn't even do a tree that year.

People will forgive you for not getting to the cards if you send something early next year with a pic of your little angel in it.

I think this year is the first year I've even gotten all shopping/shipping done this early. All I have left to do is the cookies for the neighbors. All 80 something of my cards are out and you're right, it does feel good to sit back and watch the frantic ppl around me. Sorry you're one of those this year, I hope you get enough done to feel accomplished so you can relax. In any event, you made a beautiful baby, so you definitely accomplished that!

Sami said...

You mean I'm *sniff sniff* not getting cookies this year? Just kidding... I don't think I've ever gotten cookies from you although I did get a lovely cranberry scone mix one year :D I understand completely... and if my Christmas card that is being sent to you is a tad late... just realize I'm always late and still love ya.